Is this blog for you?

A mixture of lifestyle, some Zen, some health, diet and fitness stuff. And a sprinkle of motherhood. That is what you'll find here. 

This is my third blog but probably the one I will enjoy the most. Blog 1 is a website for my artwork, so it's a stand-alone. Blog 2 is for fiction writing (which I love!). This one, Blog 3, is to express everything I have in my heart. (And also, sometimes, the sheer sadness, as that is the nature of life). However, this blog is here to inspire you, to share with you my truth and my deepest heartfelt feelings about this crazy life and to hear your feelings and ideas too. Lately it's also becoming predominantly a diet blog as my family is Banting (eating LCHF) right now.

I have been knocked down (as we ALL have) by life many times, and I am sure I will be knocked down again many times more. That is just the nature of life. However, those hard knocks have cracked my heart wide open to the beauty and joy that is life. It's true that life is both beautiful and difficult. All at once. But it took me being on my knees in prayer many times to truly humble myself and to say "Thank You for the hard times." Having said that, I also want to say thank you for the good times. This blog is also that.

 And those hard times also taught me that it doesn't matter what I do, but what does matter is WHO I am being. You will find some of that in this blog.

When I die (and hopefully I still have many years left, but you never know) it's not my accomplishments that will matter or how much money I made (yes we need money, but only enough) but rather, what will matter is how kind I was. How loving. How patient. How I treated my loved ones.

I am ashamed to say that I fail regularly, but I am also aware that I am only human and that every day, I get another chance to try get it right. So this blog is about continuously loving myself and everyone. This blog is a testament to the fact that all humans and all life is inter-connected. 

I am a mother, and as it turns out, my son is my best teacher. He is a little being of light and is teaching me more about love than I could ever understand intellectually. This blog is also for him and because of him.

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