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Hi there and thanks for stopping my my blog!

I was born October, 1978, so now you can figure out how old I am. (Lol, this way, I don't have to update my age!)
I am a wife and a mother and a total bookworm! I was the nerdy one at school who loved to study and I matriculated (graduated) top of my class! I love to read, write, research and I love to meditate too. 

I love silence. 

Me in 2014 - loving fitness and health.

I also have an intense interest in health and fitness. I think the birth of my son really enhanced that interest for me as I feel it's a huge responsibility to be in charge of his nutrition. When he was two and a half, I took up weight-training, as I thought the fitness people always looked so super healthy in their pictures. (Now I realise that the pics are a teeny bit deceiving as a lot of the time, they have dieted themselves half to death to look that lean and then they slather themselves with self-tan to look so glowing!) Nonetheless, I learnt a lot about health and nutrition through the gym world, and through books, and now, I am a certified Banting Buddies health and weight-loss coach.
I am an artist by profession (I work from home illustrating for Oh So Heavenly - a brand of beauty and bath products in Clicks) and I am a mom most of the time. I believe that I can never get my son's young years back and so it's vitally important to be there for him now.
I try not to write too much about my family as their privacy is very important to me. I mean, just because I love to write and share my experiences doesn't mean they necessarily want to be included in that.
I have such a passion for the written word and I love that the internet can connect like-minded people from all across the globe with simply a few clicks. So that is why I blog. 

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