Saturday, March 25, 2017

Goings on right now in my life: mixed.

Firstly, I have joined South Coast Striders running club and got my running license number too.
I've taken the running plunge!

I ran my time trial in these! They certainly got people talking and one guy even said he saw someone do Comrades in them. 

I did their 4km time trial on Wednesday and, to my surprise, I was the second lady back. Woohoo. I ran the 4km in 22 mins. I want to better that time, obviously. I ran in my Vibram Five Fingers shoes, and although there is no cushioning under my feet, they are so lightweight, I actually felt like I could go faster.

Maybe the extra speed I felt is in my mind? I don't know. But I ran well. Yes, my feet took a hammering, but in a good way. They had to work harder, and under my toe got a blister, but by the next day that blister wasn't sore at all. I am consciously going barefoot now as often as I can in order to strengthen the muscles and ligaments/tendons in my feet and I actually think it's working. I can feel my toe strength has improved, as well as my arch strength, and now, I am finding most shoes to be uncomfortable.

On Friday I got a top up on my lip filler. I had it done about a month ago to try to correct asymmetry in my top lip: so they just put filler on the right side that was less voluminous. But the thing is, you pay for a full syringe of filler, so he had left over, and so of course, I went back to use it up as this stuff is not cheap! But the problem is now he needed a bit more than what was left in order to do my top and bottom lip to even things out. So I bought another syringe of filler. Now he has used about a syringe full, but now he has left over of the second syringe. However, I don't think I will go back for that filler, as this time, I swelled up and bruised really badly. He hit a blood vessel, I think, on the lower left side, and it's really looking terrible. Plus, the pain! My god it was and is still sore (I am typing this the next day.)

Gosh it looks really bad hey? Never again. 

I thought to myself, as I drove home "Why do I DO this to myself?" I start off with a simple thought: let me correct my natural asymmetry. And it just escalates from there.

I also got Botox done the day before, and THAT is fantastic. It doesn't hurt (well, hardly) and there is no down time, really, except to not exercise for 24 hours afterwards, and the results are great. However, I sometimes wonder even about that. Yes, it works. But it's costly. If I saved that amount of money every year, I could add nicely to any investment or retirement fund. I MUST think like that, because, as my husband points out, we don't want to be 85 and battling for money. We want to be financially independent and able to enjoy our golden years. I think he has a good point and that having a smoother looking face is all well and good but what will it really help me? It won't feed me or help me earn more money. It's a waste of money, I guess. It's nice but not essential. I think I am maturing enough to NOT do these things. My partner loves me, and he is not expecting me to be wrinkle free forever. So what is wrong with me that I feel the need to do this?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nitro's Leg Part Two, and a bit of running.

Yesterday I took part in a 5km fun run for Hospice, and I ran a PB (personal best) time of around 27 mins! Hooray! I was the second lady home too! Happy dance! I would have been the first, as I was leading until over halfway, but a strong woman overtook me when I had to stop and walk a bit to catch my breath. I need to practice not needing to walk for 5kms.

In other running news: I have bought myself a pair of Vibram five fingers shoes. I did a run in them and I was thrilled with how they felt.
The Vibrams are supposed to feel as close to barefoot as possible. I think they are pretty close. The only thing is that the fabric between the toes is a little clumsy. But they are very comfy overall.


His leg is healing well, apparently. He is being kenneled in Hillcrest, at the surgeon's practice, for two weeks. Then he will come home for another four weeks. They recommended he stay there initially for the wounds to heal a bit, and for the sister to keep an eye on him.

Nitro before his op: look how skew his paw was due to the one bone curling around the other. 

My mom took this picture when she went to visit him.
My mother, who lives nearby, goes to visit Nitro and sends me updates and pics. 

We are praying that all goes well and that he heals well. Here he is with his "cone":

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Death....tiredness....bloating and painful tummy

I don't know where to start, however, I have SO many thoughts crowding my brain right now, I know I need to start somewhere.

Death: yesterday my best friend in Durban phoned me up to tell me that one of her friends, who is the wife of a guy who was in school with us, died in a car crash. She died at the scene of the accident. I am in such shock. This young woman was turning forty this year and had a fortieth party planned. She was mother to twin girls. It's such a final, quick thing, death. She was vibrant and alive one moment, and within a short space of time, she was gone.

I thought the exact same thing when my dad died. He was alive (ok he was not so vibrant, he was very depressed) and then, next thing, gone, just like that.

What the fuck for? Excuse my swearing. But really! Death teaches us what? It teaches us the impermanence of life. But what are we "meant" to conclude from that? I don't know. Is death's message telling us not to wait, if we want something badly we must just go for it? Or is it telling us to slow down, stop and appreciate the simple things? A bit of both?

I am mentally drained after a week or two of worrying about Nitro, our puppy, and his leg. I KNOW that worry doesn't help any situation, but I couldn't help but worry about it. Now that we have acted, and he's had his operation, I feel better, however, I still worry about how he will heal and whether the op will be successful. I know better than to worry, and yet, my mind is full of worry. I have not slept well at all thinking about him.

I am now suffering with something that I NEVER used to suffer with before: a very bloated, painful, swollen tummy. I don't know what's going on, but I am in agony. Could it be stress? It's very weird and unlike me. I have always had a flat, pretty easy-going tummy. If this continues, I must see a doctor. Another weird and unrelated thing: I have had no period for going on three months. Early menopause?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nitro's leg - Part 1

We recently got a new Amstaff puppy to keep our Frenchie pup company, and to "take over" as our older Amstaff gets on in his years.

Baby Nitro, our Kusa-registered, Micro-chipped, purebred Amstaff pup just a day or two after he arrived. 

How cute is he? Love. 

Even cuter to see three of our dogs all passed out and sleeping together in one big bed. 

The two pups get along so well and love to sleep close to each other. Cuddling in this pic. 
So this little pup has wormed his way into our hearts very quickly. He slotted into the pet family here easily too. Even the cat has shown him she's boss of him, so all was going really well and according to "plan". We felt that our fur-baby collection was pretty much complete now.

But all along, something was just odd about the way this dog sat. I noticed it from day one. He would sit with his right front paw bent at an angle, almost as if he were posing and leaning on this left leg. At first I thought, "Oh how cute," but then I noticed he always sat that way, and I wondered if he had a bad habit of favoring one side. Then, after him being with us three weeks, on a Saturday morning, I said to my husband, "Look how he sits with his paw at a funny angle." My husband thought it looked odd and suggested I take him to the vet. I messaged the breeder straight away, asking if she had any idea what it could be, or if she'd seen such a thing. Almost like a huge twisted wrist is what it looked like he had. She said she had no idea and suggested I take him to the vet. The vet took x-rays and this is what he found. The left image (the pup's right front leg) is the one that is not normal, as you can see. The right image is the normally growing leg. The images are front and side.

So, what happened is this: the one growth plate on the one bone is damaged and that bone is not growing, causing the other bone to curve around it. I asked the breeder for more and she said he did have a wound at birth, which she thinks is from the mom dog's tooth when she bit the birth sack open. So our poor pup was damaged through no fault of his own or of anyone's: just an unfortunate accident. 

The operation to try correct this is complicated and involves 6 weeks at least, recovery, where he can't move around. Not an easy thing for a young pup. But we fell in love and so we have decided to go for it. We can't send him back, even though the breeder was willing to take him back. We just could not say goodbye. Once a dog enters your home and you love it, for even a short while, he becomes your family. 

So yesterday I drove him up to Durban to the specialist, and we went ahead with the operation. He stays there for 2 weeks of kenneling so they can watch him and treat the wounds/bandages and give him medication. The house seems very quite today without him. I am like a mother worrying about her child. This is super emotional and it was a big decision for us to make. An option was to wait until he was fully grown and then amputate, but for such a big/beautiful breed of dog we just couldn't do it. 

Please pray for him if you read this. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Good running time and other things

I regularly run a 5km route near our house along the beach - it's a stretch of road that a lot of runners/walker/cyclists use. It's flat and if you park and run to the one end and back it's a neat little 5km.

I usually do it in 32 mins or so. Sometimes 34 mins, sometimes 30 mins. Yesterday I pushed myself and...hooray, I got my time down to 28 mins! 28mins and 30 secs to be exact. I was chuffed. I have been doing a bit more running lately as I have been finding my gym training to be a bit stale lately. I get a bit bored sometimes. And also, with the lovely summer days making an early morning run so pleasant, it's gorgeous to run outside.

I have no idea what I weigh, and I am not doing ANY sort of diet at the moment. I am telling myself that I can have whatever I want. And mentally, that is very very freeing. I then find that I don't want too much junk anyway, but at least, I have removed the guilt element if I do eat something with sugar or something fried.

I went in to work at my husband's business yesterday - I am helping out because the office manager is on two weeks leave. He needs the leave. It's a good feeling to "work" again. I put that in inverted commas because I do work from home illustrating, however, because it's from home, I never feel like I am "going in" to work. Working in my husband's business feels official, like "real" work. And I must say, it feels good. It also feels good to get out of the house and to stretch my brain in a new direction again.