Tuesday, January 31, 2017

HbA1c - Normal - and a squishy belly

My result this time was exactly the same as my last test - 5.1%. Even with the boat cruise sugar, and even after stuffing my face with cake and shit after my dad died!

Gosh, so clearly I am very insulin sensitive. I am truly a lucky one. A blessed one. Well, let me correct that by saying: I work hard for that luck. I work out. I run. I weight train. I eat mostly right. I drink in moderation. (Yes, sometimes I go overboard, but not often.) I don't smoke.

I am happy with that. Would I like a lower HbA1c? Yes. I would very much like to bring it down to 4.5% or somewhere like that.

But I won't look any good result gift-horse in the mouth! I am a healthy, healthy 38 year old! Hooray!

Now just a word on my stomach, and what I do truly believe is going on when it gets "loose and squishy-feeling" on low carb/zero carb. Today I am constipated again - a little blocked up - and my stomach is hard. I can feel the fullness, and that feeling is pushing from my insides, out and against my lower abs. Which results in my tummy feeling firmer. When I stand or when I lie down, my lower belly FEELS firm. I can tighten my lower abs and there is something from the inside pressing up against them, giving them a firm feeling. When I am "empty" and not blocked up then my lower belly goes very squishy as there is no firmness within me - no colon full of shit, basically, sorry to say it like that but it's the truth - and so my belly "gives" easily. It's just an illusion.

What I need to really work on is my body fat percentage, and forget about the volume of food and waste in my intestines. I want to lose about a percent of body fat.

Today my blood pressure registered very low - I normally have low blood pressure - and so even though I tried to donate blood, they would not allow me.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Blood Test results

So far I have had three of my four test results back.

My fasting insulin is ridiculously low - lower than normal. I am happy with that. You would think then that I would be super skinny. Not so. I am still normal, healthy weight, and in fact I am battling to get to my previous skinnier weight.

Not that I am unhappy - no - I am very happy with my weight.
Pic from 25 Jan 2017 - just recently. No weight problem. Very happy with my healthy weight. Even some definition visible in my legs. 

Don't laugh but this is my tummy bloated. I know, looking at this pic with fresh eyes, I can hardly see the bloat. It's a little bigger. Oh dear. I am thrilled with the muscle I have managed to build in my arms. 

The pic on the left is recent - taken yesterday, the pic on the right is taken just before the boat cruise. So Nov 2016 on the right, Jan 2017 on the left. I think I look a little leaner now, but the lighting is different so it's deceiving. I never really change much. I am very lucky. My body, overall, remains the same, almost no matter what I do. It's a blessing and a small curse. I say small curse, because I feel I work SO hard in the gym and I battle to change much, and yet, it's a blessing too because even if I don't go to gym, I don't put on weight. 

Would I like to drop down a bit just because? Yes. Why? I have no idea. Sometimes I like to drop my weight lower just to see if I can. I have this crazy and weird fear that as I age I will lose my ability to be so lean.

Yes I am nuts, I am obsessed. I have this fear of getting a huge round tummy like my mother. She inherited her mother's round tummy (my grandmother's tummy). So I am obsessed with staying lean and keeping my tummy flat. I am pretty much always trying to suck my tummy in.

My liver test results were all normal except for two values: one was high, one was low. I assume they are not serious - I feel pretty healthy and I feel well. Except for one small concern: I have lately noticed a pain in my left thumb joint. I hope it's not early arthritis.

I am going to re-commit AGAIN to a healthier diet. Once again, I recommit to cleaner eating. By which I mean: all natural. I ideally like to be zero carb but mentally, I just battle. So if I can, I will. If I can't, I won't .

If I eat some veggies, it's really not the end of the world.

I love fresh dates and I bought some the other day. They taste like caramelized sugar to me - yet they are natural.

On Friday and Saturday I had some flour - gasp, horror - and it did clog up my bowels. I had no BM (bowel movement) for two days! Then yesterday I had three! Tee hee.

So yes, I am on a continual quest for health. Lately I have been having artificial sweeteners again - I don't know why. Sometimes I just want sweetness, which I suppose is a natural craving. I don't believe in my heart of hearts that they can be good, but I do know that a little won't do much harm.

I now anxiously and eagerly await my HbA1c test result. That will be the true test.

Now that I am 38 going on 39, I just want to age well. I realise now that I can't fight my aging, so I just ask God that I age as well as possible.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Mixed thoughts

I fasted today for blood tests: I tested my HBA1C, my fasting insulin, my liver enzymes, and my C-Reactive protein.

Can't wait for the results!

I then came home, had most of a cup of coffee and some coconut (fresh) and then went and did a pretty good gym workout.

I was worried about going without coffee in the morning, but once I got past my usual coffee hour, I was actually fine. I felt quite okay. I even debated whether I really need coffee in the mornings.

I am just not able to stick to zero carb. I love it, the whole way of eating, but I just can't.

The best I can do is this: eat mostly from the animal kingdom, but not worry about including plants. It's really not that big of a deal. I have no allergies, or health issues, that I know of, and avoiding so many things can become a stress in and of itself.

I will just have to do my very best to listen to my true hunger, and eat when hungry and stop when full. Keep it as simple as that.

NO foods on the forbidden list, but make food choices out of awareness.

I love fasting - even the short bit I did this morning was so wonderful. I felt SO good. I even felt great right up until I ate at 12:30 - so I had fasted from the night before, and just had a bit of coffee and a few coconut pieces - really little - until lunch time.

Doing that makes me appreciate food and gets me back in touch with my body.

Looking back on old pics and videos, I realise how darn SKINNY my arms were. I know they still are, but not nearly as sickly skinny as they were back then. I looked all out of proportion too.

Today is good. Good day. Happy. My son is happy. His friends are here playing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Going round in circles!

Today I am offically "off" zero carb.

What is UP with me? I am zero carb, then low carb, then back on to carbs, then back to zero, then I get all confused, then I stop ALL diets and eat whatever I want, then I read another book and try THAT, and then....

I am even getting sick of my own damn self.

So what NOW? Well, I have finished reading Taubes' "The Case Against Sugar" and he makes a very good point: sugar is different to starch. Starches, like rice and potatoes, do NOT contain the fructose molecule, and this part of sucrose seems to be the big problem.

His book makes me think that really, the big problem is sugar itself. (And perhaps refined flours. But his book doesn't go into those.)

Potatoes are not refined. Rice is, sort of.

I am so confused, I have to admit.

One thing I can say is this: I sure have experimented on myself. My body is like a science lab. I try things. I stop and start things.

Another thing that Gary Taubes' book got me to see is that there really is no concrete evidence AGAINST artificial sweetners. The amounts that they fed rats to induce cancer were literally HUGE amounts - more, way more, than humans could ever ingest in a lifetime. And if, like me, you rotate your sweeteners, then I see no major problem in having a bit of them from time to time. Not all day long, but a bit now and then. The Case Against Sugar by [Taubes, Gary]

I sometimes wonder if I wasn't better off before I started down the nutrition rabbit hole. There are arguments for EVERY thing. For and against every single food out there.

So what has stopped me from succeeding with zero carb? I think it's my mind. I believe my mind just can't do it. I just CAN'T limit myself to only meat. As much as I love meat, and I do, really enjoy meat, I hit a point where I crave variety. I want a little veggies, and I WANT some sweetness. Today I even bought some fresh coconut. I don't always love it, but today it was really nice because I haven't had it in so long.

And I don't generally like rice, but I love it in sushi.

So I am thinking that if one includes a bit of these things, like rice, for example, now and then, what's the harm? I have never had any health problems to date that would prevent me from eating these. I tolerate rice just fine.

I just also think about a life (zero carb) where I NEVER eat a piece of fruit again, or I never get to enjoy lunch out, or a nice dinner out. Nah, I just can't do it. I need these things in my life. I NEED the pleasure of eating out, not all the time, mind you, but now and then, because I am the cook of my household and it gets tiresome always preparing food for everyone else. The sheer delight and pleasure of having someone else prepare ME a meal is really something.

It's funny how you take that for granted growing up - you take your mom's cooking so much for granted, so much so that you turn your nose up at things. Gosh, sorry mom.

I am not sure what came over me today, but the thought of a big steak this morning wasn't doing it for me. I had a big steak, and yes, it was nice, but it wasn't super duper lovely and I just thought, why am I torturing myself when I don't have a weight problem?

I really, really don't have a weight problem. This is something I need to drum into my thick skull. I am lean. I am small. I am at a happy, happy weight. I can eat what I like, within reason. Within healthy reason.

Yes, sugar is addictive to me. Very addictive. I need to be careful of sugar - sucrose. But other foods? I am fine. I can eat them and be fine. So FOR ME personally, my "drug" has always been sugar. If I just cut that out, I am pretty sure I will be ok.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another successful short fast

So yesterday my partner and I fasted - we did a 24 hour fast - meaning, we didn't eat from the previous night's supper until the following night's supper. Essentially we skipped breakfast and lunch.

Well, this was, by far, the easiest fast I have had. I did have three cups of coffee, I admit - all three cups in the morning. The last cup was around 9am - and it was a cappuccino out at Wimpy. So that cup was not good - it was a milky one. But the two at home - I put so little milk and cream that the cups are not much in the way of calories. They just help me to stay sane.

So come supper time, even though we ate, I felt as if I could quite comfortably go without eating. I did, however, have a little too much vodka. I wanted a drink with my meal - I don't know why - but I should have stopped after two vodka's. Anyways - lesson learnt. I had four. I didn't sleep quite as well, and I am a little hung over/tired feeling today.

However, my waist has come down. It's close to 65cm! Woohoo.

I FEEL a bit slimmer to myself.

But now, today, I must admit, I don't want to fast. I ate breakfast. And I am nibbling now. And I am feeling like I could eat well today. Which is great. I am trying not to overwhelm myself with too much food though.

The best part is that I went to gym yesterday and felt quite ok. I worked out and felt fine. My strength is not the best, but that is also due in part to the fact that I haven't BEEN to gym in ages.

So even after my gym workout, I didn't eat. And I hardly got any hunger pangs. Just a few mild ones. I probably felt cooler and not so hot due to fasting, which was good, as yesterday it was just SO damn hot.

I haven't weighed myself.

My partner even said that perhaps it would be good to just eat once a day. It's quite freeing not eating all day long. I think, either eat once a day, or, do alternate day fasting. One day no eating, one day eating.

My varicose veins are still not aching. Yay!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

School starts again! Naughty food. 17 Jan 2017

I cheated on zero carb
Firstly, a confession: yesterday I ate really, really badly. I totally cheated on zero carb. Big time.

Went out to share a cake with my son, and then later, I ate shop-bought cheesecake. So naughty. So much sugar. It's not good for my system to have that much sugar in one day - especially when I have been doing so well without sugar.

I have noticed that on zero carb, no/low sugar, my varicose veins have not ached. It's either just a coincidence, or it's the effect of the no sugar. I don't think it's coincidence, because it's been really hot lately, and if they were going to ache, they would have by now. So there is another reason NOT to eat sugar. And for my teeth! And for my gut health. And for the candida thing.

I am trying NOT to feel guilty about what I did. I am trying to just put it behind me. Start afresh today.

Eating the sugary cheesecake was delish, I must admit, but NOT satisfying. I ate like a mad person, not feeling full, and afterwards, still feeling hungry, searching for real nourishment.

And I was doing SO well with the diet and even managing to fast - what is wrong with me? It's like, when I get a bit of "success" I want to sabotage it. Is it pyschological? Do I believe that my relationship with my partner will be better if I stay not quite at my peak? I think so. Because when we did fall apart last time was when, physically, I was doing so well with gym and diet. I was lean and mean and working out and was so healthy and happy in that area of my life.

But this time, he and I are stronger. We are doing well. I mustn't let the past haunt me. If I feel healthy getting lean (and I do) then I must own it.

Start of 2017 school year today
Today my son went back to school - hooray! Start of Grade 2. I can't believe it. Grade 2. He is getting so big now.

So now, I am back home after dropping him off, and finally, I can BREATHE a bit. I don't have this little person here demanding my time and attention. Sjoe! It's been really tough, I must admit, having him with me ALL day some days. I have enjoyed it, though, and we are really close, and he's been really loving, which is great, but this mommy needs a break.

So here I am, sitting in bed, doing my favourite thing in the world, which is writing, and checking in with myself.

I visited a friend yesterday who has just had a baby three weeks ago, and I held baby for a bit, and although he is precious and cute, I didn't feel in the least bit broody. I get WAY more excited about the thought of a puppy, I must admit. I am just too far over the baby stage now. I love my child, more than life itself, but I wasn't good with the tiny baby stage at all. I was clearly a panicky mom, a very nervous new mother, and at the time, with our relationship going wrong, it added fuel to the fire of my anxiety. I was super anxious.

Anyway, today is a new day. A new day to eat zero carb, a new day to refresh my mind, and new day to be gentle with myself and a new day to remind myself of my "goals": reduce drastically my alcohol. Get back into a moderate exercise routine. Reduce coffee and dairy (but only when I'm comfortable doing so) and NO  SUGAR. And no buying clothes or shoes this year.

No buying stuff is freeing. It really is. I hope I will make it. I am sure I will.

Monday, January 16, 2017

A cold rainy Monday

This weekend was lovely and hot. I swam and tanned with my little family. Now the weather has turned so dramatically. It's stormy and rainy and windy and cold. Kind of a metaphor for life. Up and down. Hot and cold. Sunny, then rainy.

My man and I fasted over breakfast yesterday. Again, by fasted, I mean I still had my one cup of morning coffee, and then didn't eat. But I reckon that one cup of coffee is fine. It helps.

I broke the fast at 11:30 by popping some of my son's leftover toast and egg into my mouth. By then I was pretty starving. It was also, oddly enough, harder to fast WITH my partner than on my own. It's like we had to keep checking in with one another and that made me a bit nervous and a tad more hungry. Or conscious of being hungry, at least. I am getting much more comfortable with skipping a meal here and there, or doing a day of fasting. I haven't done a full day again, but I do want to. I feel amazing even just skipping breakfast. I got SO much accomplished by 9am! Which always makes me think how much time and energy gets taken up by FOOD.

Thinking of what to eat, and by what time to eat, and how much to eat, blah blah...etc. It's so freeing to just NOT eat for a period of time.

Then when I did eat, I ate less. I don't know why fasting does that, but it enables me to NOT pig out.

Appetite definitely comes from eating, and not eating definitely promotes a smaller appetite.

I felt so much clearer, mentally, even just from skipping breakfast. And I slept so well. And today I feel so refreshed this morning.

I definitely like fasting. Even short ones.

I still haven't weighed myself at home - the scale is packed away! I did, however, hop on the scale at gym on Friday. But I won't do it anymore.

I am committed to a WHOLE year of not buying clothes and shoes. I really really want to do it.

I am also committed to cutting out/down junk. I am doing better with this now that my emotions are settling after my dad's death. I still feel weird/odd knowing that he is gone, just like that. It's so final. But I am getting to a point where I am accepting it. I feel sad knowing that he will never see my son grow up. That does make my heart heavy. But I trust the divine plan. I have to.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January thoughts

I stuck mostly to zero carb yesterday even when we went out to eat with friends. I ordered a huge rump steak. It was too lean, but I added butter. I ordered the side salad just because I didn't want to go into the whole explanation. I ate a few pieces of salad bits - very few. I left most of it though, and no one noticed.

Yesterday I had a small victory - I didn't eat much lunch, but was able to make it right through till late dinner out with the friends - with NO blood sugar lows or the shakes. I am gaining confidence in my body's ability to see me through periods of no food.

I think I am only now finally turning the corner where I AM able to skip a meal, or go for hours without eating, and THIS is the freedom that people talk about with low carb/no carb diets. I am not so scared any more - scared of feeling like crap because I didn't eat.

And with that feeling of calm, I felt less nervous about meeting this new couple who was joining us. Usually I get a little anxious meeting new people, but not this time. It was amazing. I felt SO good and calm and centered within myself. Is this a result of ketones? Or of stable blood sugar? I don't know. I have no clue, but I have never felt so grounded in all my adult life. Look, I am also guessing that my age has something to do with it - because the older I get, the more I am accepting myself with all my flaws.

Having said that, I do still kind of want Botox. My birthday Botox shot has worn off now - I got my Botox in September and now it's completely worn off. I only want it for my crows feet - they are SO much like my Dad's. So deep and crinkly when I smile. Which is kind of nice, but I

 would like them softer, perhaps. But then again, I think: oh well, whatever. I am starting to "give up" on the idea of looking younger, too, as I realise that I could save ALL the money I would theoretically spend on Botox  and put it towards our retirement fund. Which we don't have, yet, but we must. We MUST get a decent financial adviser and get some kind of retirement savings going.

I am SO enjoying the summer days. It's summer now, full blown, and it's lovely. I get to wear dresses and shorts (and I am not caring about my varicose veins) and feel light and free. I love it.

ACCEPTANCE really is the key to a happy and content life.

I am starting to accept so much about my body and my self.

I love going to gym, but I haven't been for a while, and I feel more content for it. I think at gym the mirrors and the social "competition" to look good is a little intense. Yesterday I did my own mini gym session at home with the mat and my light dumbbells, and I thought to myself that I really don't need much more than this.

The big, inflated steroid users are starting to look ridiculous to my eyes now. Even the gym ladies who are chasing these unrealistic ideals are starting to look desperate to me. I think there is a fine line (and I know it, I have crossed it before) between having a decent goal to stay in shape, and become obsessed with how you look.

Having these school holidays where I took a break from gym has been SO good for my mind.

I am so content.

I am just struggling to find my passion for my illustration work again. I do hate that right now. Wish I didn't.

On a side note: I have not been plagued with muscle cramps yet - just a tiny twitch of them the other night. But nothing too bad yet. So far so good! My rings are finally loser on my fingers too! So the zero carb is working to either get my inflammation down, or my weight down. Either way, I feel lighter.

My ideals/goals:
1) To give up alcohol this year - or mostly. I don't mind having the odd glass of red wine, but I have fallen into a habit of having a few drinks every Friday and Saturday. It spills over to Sunday sometimes too. I am doing it to be social with my "husband" but I don't have to have a drink just because he is.
2) To give up coffee - or mostly reduce it. If I can drink it just occasionally I would be happy with that.
3) To give up dairy. Just to see. To see what, you may ask? To see if my sinuses are clearer without it. If anything improves without it. If I don't feel better off it, then I will not stress about having it.

Ultimately, my big goal is to improve my health.

Note: I have NOT had any aches in my veins since reducing my carbs again. I just thought of that the other day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sticking with it!

I've got my typical Zero Carb runs.

Yesterday it got me down a bit.

But I don't want to give up. No. Not yet. Non-optimal foods I am still including: coffee with milk and/or cream. My one square of dark chocolate in the mornings. I will stop that though. It's too expensive and a waste of money. Last night I had two glasses of red wine. I think I had it to make me feel better about feeling so down about the runs.

I must push through this phase to see if it will improve. Or go away.

I can DO it.

I have no idea how much I weigh, but I LOOK slimmer to myself. My legs even look less puffy. Yesterday my tummy looked nice and flat.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Here's a question about insulin first phase

If meat raises insulin more than carbs, why then did my first phase insulin not manage to lower that half a cake I ate at Mugg n Bean?

I don't believe that my insulin response is defective other than it's used to my non-carb diet, so it's not used to handling carbs. But I have never had a glucose problem that I know of, and I remember after the boat cruise, when I tested myself once or twice after eating carbs, my sugar was not sky high. I think one does get used to handling a certain load.

So here is my question: when these videos/studies talk about the insulin index, are they meaning first phase insulin or second phase? Is there a difference in the actions of the two insulins? Do they create the same effect in the body? Is is possible that the higher insulin of beef is referring to the second phase? And is it possible that the first phase is not really needed when eating meat? Well, that's what my gut instinct is telling me anyway. I don't know for sure.

So what is better? To eat some carbs? No carbs? Who knows. Science still doesn't know all these answers, as far as I can tell.

All I can do is critically and honestly assess my own health.

And go by how I feel. And how I perform.

Blood sugar readings

This morning after one cup of coffee with milk and one square of Lindt - 6.2 on one finger, 5.9 on the other. Higher than I thought on this way of eating. My usual morning blood sugar reading is usually lower.

It was higher today at times than I expected. 6.2 even though I didn't eat breakfast. Weird.

We went out to lunch, I ate quite a lean steak and a cappuccino. My blood sugar afterwards, about an hour later, was also around 6.2 - higher than I expected.

It seems that eating fat with meat does lower the blood sugar.

Supper was lamb shank - fatty enough. I didn't eat too much, but I did eat enough. Post supper: 5.3mml/L.

I am back to zero carb.

I am still convinced it's a good way. It makes so much sense. I think sometimes fruit is good though, too. Not loads, just a bit now and then.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


So yesterday I decided to do a little experiment on myself.

The results shocked me. Scared me, in fact.

So here was the experiment: I decided to test my son's blood sugar after eating Mugg n Beans Rich Chocolate cake, as he LOVES that cake and it's his go-to treat. If I ask him what he wants to eat, he will ALWAYS choose that. And I don't blame him, really, it's divine.

About once a week, or once every two weeks, I take him out for his treat of chocolate cake. He loves it, and it's our bonding time, our special "thing" that we do together. But being a low-carb coach has definitely made me terrified of doing that. I watch how much sugar he eats in that cake, and I always worry about whether his blood sugar is swinging too high and whether I am damaging him in any way.

So I decided to test. I told him we could go out for cake, BUT on the condition that he allowed me to prick his finger and test his blood sugar afterwards. He wasn't thrilled about the prospect of a finger prick, but the allure of his favourite treat eventually won out and he agreed.

I then decided I would use myself as a control. I would also eat the cake (we split it in half) and I would then test my blood sugar too.

Now bear in mind that I have been back to eating a low, almost zero carb diet, for the past few days. I have not had carbs in long while. Not since before Christmas, I don't think.

We each got half a slice of cake. I finished my half but my son left some of his. Considering he is less than half my weight, I think this is fair.

We then went home and tested, around half an hour after the "meal".

My blood sugar about an hour after that half slice of cake! Yikes!

I tested my blood sugar and it said 12.5! What the....? I could not believe it. I had never known it to EVER go so high! I then quickly tested my son's....it said 5.9mm/L.

I was shocked. I tested another finger - 12.6 this time. Oh boy. I felt panicky. My heart rate went up. I paced around the kitchen. I did a few jumping jacks. I didn't know WHAT to do with myself. I was worried. What damage was going on in my body at that very moment? Who knew? Half an hour later I tested again and my reading was the picture above....yikes, I thought, it's not coming down, it's going UP!

I was busy cooking and doing a few things. Then I tested again, around 2 hours after my cake meal, and phew...it was down to 6.2mml/L.

I then went for a quick 3km run. Just to clear out and use up all that excess sugar and glucose.

So what do I make of this? Obviously a few things: eating low/very low carb affects my first phase insulin release. My body is now used to NO carbs coming in, so it didn't have much of a first phase insulin release - if at all! And I took in a LOT of sugar there, all at once. But clearly, and luckily, my second phase slowly kicked in and my blood sugar reading DID drop.

My son, who eats carbs every day, had no problem handling the rise in blood sugar. His level stayed within normal. As a mother, I am thrilled. Thank God! So the occasional treat for him is fine.

But what does this mean for me? Should I be following a low carb diet? Or is it better if I routinely include SOME carbs daily to keep my first phase insulin going? Is keeping your first phase insulin release higher better or not? I know we need SOME insulin to survive. I get that. And for someone like me who is generally busy and active, carbs may be fine. I really am confused. This whole low-carb thing has me a little confused.

For more info/insight on how insulin in a truly normal person works, read here: http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/14046621.php

I always think of my paternal grandfather, who lived to be 96 with all his facutlties in working order and ate carbs. Back then no one knew any different. He ate Maltabella in the mornings. Toast with jam, which he shared with the parrot. But I think the key for him was moderation. There were carbs, to be sure, but there was also activity and not stuffing your face with nonsense. There were no fizzy drinks. There was just normal amounts, moderate this and moderate that. Nothing was extreme. He was slim and independent and pretty healthy for most of his life.

I am always looking for the diet answer, and I don't have it. But I do think this: when I completely cut fat out of my diet, I suffered. I may find the same if I completely cut carbs? Who knows?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Being tired and CRAVINGS

I did NOT sleep enough last night.

I battled to fall asleep - I think due to the red wine I had (only one and a half glasses) and then, our new puppy started whining at 4:30am this morning and woke me up.

So today, I was SUPER hungry and therefore had MAJOR cravings. Always happens when I don't get enough sleep. I was craving cake!!!!

I didn't eat cake. I ate more of my zero carb foods. So today I have eaten more in volume. I did have some peanut butter but not cake at least.

Take-away point: lack of sleep = cravings!

Our oldest dog has Horner's Syndrome in one eye - the vet can't really say what causes it but it could be a tumour - possible cancer somewhere.

I wonder if fasting our dog would help him?

Thursday, January 5, 2017

More thoughts on Zero Carb

Benefits I notice, personally, on zero carb:

1) Very clear headed. Mentally alert.
2) Sleep is much improved. I sleep so well.
3) Even when I don't sleep well, I feel ok.
4) I eat better and I don't crave "bad" foods as much.
5) I am more inclined to have bone broth and eat the grisel off the bones - thereby getting in my minerals.
6) I eat more liver. More nutrients.
7) I cramp far less, and I am sure, if I don't drink any alcohol, I would cramp not at all.
8) I generally just feel WELL on this way of eating.
9) Far easier to do and to stick to than LCHF which has too much variety, too many options and where I find I eat too many nuts.
10) It encourages me to feed my pets zero carb too, which is good for them too.

A short fast and blood sugar.

Morning blood sugar of 4.8mml - after my first cup of coffee.

Then I didn't eat all morning till right now, just after 12 midday. My blood sugar before eating or drinking: 4.1mml.

I got a hunger surge around breakfast time, but it quickly went away. However, I noticed I became very cold this morning after skipping my meal.

But the coldness dissipated too, after a while. But after about two hours or so, not that soon. I will eat lunch now though.

I do want to do a longer fast, but I am nervous. It's something I need to set my mind to, properly. I also should do it on a hot day so I don't feel the cold as much.

My main observation of my very short morning fast: I feel so clear-headed when I fast. My tummy may be hungry, but my mind is clearer. I feel less tired mentally. I feel invigorated when I feel a little hungry. My digestion is not taking up so much energy and is not feeling under strain.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What if I DIDN'T weigh myself for a whole year?

How interesting.

I just wondered that this morning. Why on earth do I persist in weighing myself daily? Ok, not daily, but ALMOST daily. What if I just STOPPED that shit? It's not like the scale will make much of a difference to my life.

Do you know how much mental energy I devote to worrying about the numbers on the scale? It's so stupid!

I should be judging my diet/food choices based on how they make me feel, and NOT on how much they make me weigh. I should be paying attention to my energy levels, my mental alertness, my Candida symptoms (which were BAD after the boat cruise, let me remind myself) and my pain and  bloating.

So now I am giving zero carb (with coffee still kept in) another go. Yesterday I had one sucralose sweetened can of Bitter Lemon from Woolies, it was my last one. I hope to not buy any more, but if I do, I won't throw in the towel, as sweetener does not give me Candida like sugar does. Nor do I crave more sweetener.

But my point is, I should and I will judge zero carb and any other diet tweaks based on how I feel inside.

I don't really know if I can go a WHOLE year without weighing myself, but perhaps I can. I can put it away, and I can see how I go. I love this idea.

Whose with me?

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 New Years Resolutions

Well, today is the 2nd of January 2017. A whole new year. It's arbitrary, it's just a bunch of days we have decided upon, but it still feels like a new start.

I want to try zero carb one last time. One last attempt at eating from the animal kingdom only. Why? Because I slept SO well on zero carb. I felt good. Except for the diarrhea, which I believe does eventually go away. I haven't stuck long enough to zero carb to see if the diarrhea goes away.

Yesterday I did day one of almost zero carbs. I ate my usual chocolate squares in the morning, but other than that, I ate no carbs and no plant foods. I finished off the little bit of champagne I had left from New Years Eve, and I realised how sweet it is as it made my mouth/teeth feel a bit furry.

But I already felt the benefits yesterday (similar good feelings as when I fasted, but not as many negatives) of avoiding ALL carbs:

1) I slept like a rock! I feel asleep easily and stayed asleep the whole night, even with the puppy crying.

2)I woke fine

3) I had NO bloating and I had good, sustained energy throughout the day, even though I had been for a run in the morning.

4) I didn't want coffee in the afternoon

5) By the evening, I was still mentally sharp, even though I could tell I was winding down after a long day.

I aim to give it a go in January, but because I know I have continually failed at it due to diarrhea, I need to plan to see that part through. Also, if I "slip up" by eating something not zero carb, I am not going to throw in the towel and ruin my progress. I really want to try it properly now as I am sick and tired of feeling generally not good on carbs.

My second "resolution" for January is to have no alcohol. Not that I drink a lot, I certainly don't, but over this festive season, I have had a few, and certainly more that I normally would, and I sense that it's not doing me any favours. I sense that it's hampering my ability to lose that last one or two kgs, and I know for a fact that I don't sleep as well when I've had a few drinks. I also cramp on the nights I have had drinks. So I want to clean out my system of alcohol.

Other than that, I generally enjoy my life, and will carry on as usual.