Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fitness Diary

Thursday  27th October

The euphoria of eating carbs is now wearing off. I feel normal again.

Funny how every time I make a sudden dietary change I get that euphoric feeling, and I feel so full of energy and think it's the new diet change, when in actual fact, it's not - it's just the newness, probably. It's probably just the mental feeling of "freedom" that comes with not restricting this or that.

My weight was back up yesterday to 55.1kg. Cringe. I always said that if my weight goes over 55kg I will stop eating immediately. HA! That is so hard to do.

Yes I have fasted before, but didn't really like it nor did I benefit that much from it. I might try fasting again once I have established more of a healthy eating routine. Right now I am pendulum swinging - ricocheting from LCHF to CARBS. It's like the carb monster in me has come out of hibernation and is just saying "Feed me Seymour". It will calm down soon enough, I am sure.

I can actually feel the cravings subside somewhat.

I notice that I don't crave cake/sweets right now as I feel like I have had too much of them lately and the thought of them is not appealing right now. So cravings DO subside. They do come and go.

My belly at the moment is NOT a pretty sight. I sit down and it's just flabby and soft. It seems worse off now like this, since after going low carb. I wonder if eating high fat was actually not good for me in the long run?

Who knows. I will never have the answer - the point is, it's done. I did it, and I loved many aspects of it, but I just don't think it works for a weight training athlete.

Athlete - HA! Another laugh - I am so far off from being an athlete right now. But I will get there again. It's my dream to be a REAL and true athlete - one who trains properly, for life. I will get my athletic mojo back, I will.

From now on it's about sustainability and moderation.

The fact is, I am not diabetic, nor was I remotely insulin resistant. I should have tested BEFORE starting LCHF. But back then I didn't have the money. I was trapped. I had no money for anything. I will continue to test my blood sugar randomly.

Feeling a bit tired today, but felt great upon waking. I have been training hard and heavy, so this could be why.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My worst pics

I share the above two pics with a degree of shame because this was NOT my best comp by a long shot. My prep was not good, I was lost, didn't have a plan, really, I was winging it with my low-carb eating, had no idea how I was going to drop that last tiny bit of body fat, didnt' want to drop too much as I entered the "beach" section....I was a bit of a confused mess. I looked fine from the front, but not fine at all from behind. As you can see from the top pic.

This year, I am going to change all that.

I wish it weren't true but unfortunately, Banting didn't work for my prep. This was my worst stage look ever. I was just soft looking. Not fat, but soft. Something about high fat, low carb just makes my body soft, even if it's slim. Now don't get me wrong, this is fine for everyday folk, people who don't want to get on stage and look hard and toned and muscular. But those of us who like the sport of bodybuilding and want to achieve a certain look up there on that stage, then Banting is not for us.

I gave it my best shot. I really, really wished that high fat was gonna be the answer, but sadly, it turned out not to be so.

So the question, the BURNING question is: why did I feel so great when I started LCHF? Why did I fall in love with it so much?

I think the answer is this: I had deprived myself of healthy fats for too long. I was fat-deprived. So I literally soaked them up at first.

But did I need fat all day every day? Probably not.

To be honest, I don't have all the answers here, but what I do know is this: I need fat AND carbs AND protein.

So how will I get to my goal weight/look IF I eat carbs? Well, the truth is, I did it before. My first comp I dropped weight so fast, like crazy, actually, and I wasn't super strict. Then I got stricter AFTER that comp, thinking I will maintain that level of leanness. I tried to be strict throughout the year, which only lead to an imbalance.

Moving forward, I want to feel healthy. No drastic cutting out of ANYTHING. Yes, I believe that sugar is bad, but are carbs bad? I have to say, no, they are not. They do fill up my body with water. But that's a good thing. So yes, I am now 2-3kg heavier, carrying water weight I didn't have before. But I am not cramping anymore. I have better strength and endurance.

I will have to find a way to lose weight without cutting any macro.

I keep hearing about flexible nutrition and this #iifym which is: hashtag - if it fits your macros. I might try that.

I am always learning and experimenting. The beauty is that I am my own guinea pig. I tried zero carb, which was quite fun, but it just gave me the runs. I never once recommended that to anyone. Thankfully.

Even the Banters themselves talk about resistant starch in the form of cold, cooked rice. Well, hello sushi rice!

Fitness diary 25th October 2016

Weight: 54.5 (lost 600gms in one day - which shows it's mostly water loss)
Waist 69cm

Did 15mins cardio
40 mins glute weight training - mentally not that focused due to Natasha's birthday celebration
Taking L Carnitine before weights too

Wasn't hungry, felt good, no cravings. Had a few small bites of Seth's cake at Mugg n Bean but was easily able to resist.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Fitness Diary - 24th Oct 2016

So, who knows if I will keep this up but, inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's tips on bodybuilding, I am going to keep a fitness diary to see if I can track things that help.

1: I am back on carbs. And my mood feels great. And my weight has gone right up.

2: I ate cake over the weekend, a lot of it, so that could easily account for the 2kgs of extra weight.

I worked out really well today - trained back hard - and I ran this afternoon

5km - 30mins - in the heat. Strong. Good time.

This will be my second week on USN Testo Tribulus - I didn't take it yesterday as it was my rest day.

Pull ups: I went to failure
Low row 30kg max

Weight at gym: 55.1kg (heaviest I have been in a long time)
Waist: 68cm - gone up quite a bit

I am telling myself, for now, that I can eat whatever I want. I was wanting to drop weight for the boat cruise, but I doubt that it will happen in three weeks. I don't want to push myself too hard. I have just lost my dad. We have a stressful building situation. It's very tense. My stress levels are pretty high and I just don't feel that is conducive to being strict. It's clearly not as my weight is showing me how stressed I really am. I internalize my stress a lot.

Mentally very freeing to not be on ANY diet at all. All in the mind.
My last competition pic. Not my best comp, not my best pic. I just didn't like how my condition looked. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A total re-think

So I have been very, VERY quiet lately. So quiet that I have lost all, if any, readers that I had. That's ok. This is going to be MY blog for me and it doesn't matter who reads this.

I have left Banting Buddies. A few reasons.

No 1: My dad died recently and threw me into an emotional spiral
No 2: The word "Banting" has so many negative connotations associated with it
No 3: I was paying them a monthly fee in order to be on their website, but I never received a single client through them. ALL my clients came through my own advertising, so I just found I was paying for nothing. Plus, I had to pay them a small fee for each client I got anyway, even if that client was through my own efforts.
No 4: I have "bodybuilding" roots - and friends and my social network is full of them. And I kept on and on asking myself this one very important question: how do these people get competition lean and yet are NOT Banting? They eat the carbs. They get lean. So surely there are many, many ways to get lean.
No 5: My gym training has never been great on Banting. So lately I have been re-introducing carbs - clean, healthy carbs - and my training has improved again.
No 6: CRAMPS. No matter what, they never, ever completely went away. They improved. I'd supplement with this or that, and they would go away a bit, then come back. But the cramps never left my life. I have magnesium spray, magnesium tabs, taurine tablets, potassium, etc...all in the hopes of keeping the cramping at bay. But living with the constant fear that a debilitating leg cramp is going to bite into your calf at night is just not fun. I'm sorry. I'm done with that. I'm over that. I can't anymore.

So where does that leave me now? I am a little bit in no-mans land I must admit. I don't know, nutritionally, what I quite believe anymore.

I am still experimenting on myself. I have to admit this: I have been wrong to cut out almost all carbs. Carbs can be good in certain cases.

But I have learnt SO much during this time that it certainly wasn't a waste of time.

I have learnt about blood sugar testing. So now that I have re-introduced carbs (just one serving daily) into my diet, I have bought the blood sugar test strips and have been doing the odd random finger prick test.

Friday was my son's birthday, so we had a lot of left over cake in the house this weekend. This morning I joined my son in eating cake - we each had a piece. So I whipped out the blood sugar tester and have tested my blood sugar every half an hour. And you know what? The highest it tested is 6.2 mml. That' LOW for the amount of sugar/carbs I have just eaten.

Now this brings me to my point: last year, when I was low-carbing it, I had a piece of my son's birthday cake and then tested my blood sugar and it went up to 11.7 mml per DL. That is HIGH! Now what could the reason for the huge difference be?

Well, I have heard of physiological insulin resistance - and clearly, back then, it happened to me. I am someone who normally is NOT insulin resistant. But what happens when you don't eat carbs is that your insulin response to them gets sluggish. So after not eating carbs for an extended period of time your body almost "forgets" how to deal with them. Then, you eat some cake, and your insulin response is not there, and your blood sugar goes through the roof.

Now I have been adding in some carbs regularly, and so when I ate the cake this morning, my blood sugar has stayed well within a normal range. Normal is 4-6mml. My fasting blood sugar was 4mml the other morning. And after cake it has stayed low - only 6 mml. This tells me that I should NOT have gone on a low-carb diet in the first place, probably.

However, what about my hypoglycemia? Wasn't that the main reason I liked Banting? Yes, yes it was. Here is what I think about that considering everything I have learnt: for me, I cannot process sugar only. So a can of coke, a sucker, a sweet, candy floss - anything like that - will send me into a sugar crash straight afterwards. However, if I include carbs as part of a healthy meal I will be fine. For example - I have experimented recently having sushi - with the rice. So in total about a cup, or just less than a cup, of white rice with my sushi at lunch. And... no blood sugar crash. I attribute this to the fact that the fish has protein and some oils in it and so the meal itself is pretty balanced.

I am learning, this is all trial and error.

I loved low-carb eating, I still do, but carbs certainly have their place. What that place is, how much and how many and when to eat them is still something I am learning, but I will not stop self-experimenting until I get my answers.

One thing I am sure of: if you are diabetic or IR then going low-carb could just save your life. You will need to experiment with your own blood sugar testing and weight and see what works for you.