Saturday, February 27, 2016

Health Eating for Kids

Here is a brief summary from the talk I gave at my child's school the other night: 

Young brains need proteins and fats (both of good quality!) in order to grow and develop properly.
Young brains need NUTRIENT DENSE foods - not nutrient empty. 
Nutrient dense foods all come from mother nature - and the food IS the ingredient. Ie: eggs...ingredient is eggs. Spinach...the ingredient is spinach. Fish...ingredient is fish. 
So please read food labels and if it reads like a chemistry report then put it back.
The idea is to cook at home, from scratch (when we can) so that we know exactly what went into the food. Then there are no additives, colourants or preservatives.
Remember that most cereals are stripped of nutrients - the manufacturers then have to add some back in. Most of them are also then coated in sugar. That is NOT healthy food.
Brain boosting breakfast ideas:
·         1 - full cream Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts
·        2 -  scrambled eggs with anything  - chicken, bacon, tuna, cheese, veggies...whatever your child likes!
·        3 -  fish - prepared any way you like. Full of brain-nourishing omega 3's.
Lunchbox ideas:
·         1 - meatballs (preferably homemade)
·        2 -  cheese and veggie or cheese and fruit skewers
·        3 -  leftovers
·       4 -   chicken strips and veggies
·        5 -  hard boiled eggs
·        6 -  crudite veggies with hummus or cream cheese dip
Supper ideas:
·       1- -  deeply nourishing soups and stews - full of vegetables, meat, slow cooked bones
·        2 -  mince - chop and hide veg in it. (cottage pie, spaghetti, etc)
·       3 -   seafood mixed grill
·       4 -   stir-fry (quick and easy)
Healthy treats:
·        1 -  dark chocolate (pref 85%) and whole fruit
·        2 -  hand-made dateballs
·         3 - smoothies that you make at home - beware shop bought ones - usually loaded with sugar.

For more healthy eating info email: or give me a call 082 8449182

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray

Quick review: I wasn't impressed.

Long review: I paid and ordered and was impressed with that part - the order arrived as it was supposed to, within the time frame stated on their site. I bought through MelanotanZA.

The product claims to tan you over three weeks. The biggest problem was that one nasal spray DID NOT last the full three weeks. By the time the spray ran out, I wasn't much darker than my original tan. Yes, I did go a little darker, but really, not much at all. I would say one shade only. The tan was so slight that my husband could hardly tell.

The one side effect is a mild feeling of nausea - I felt that for sure. I also got the darkening of the moles and spots - they say that these darken first and the skin around them darkens later. Well, that never happened as I ran out of tan spray. Also, a few extra moles came out - which they say also will happen - and these should disappear when you stop using the spray.

Now you also get Melanotan as an injectable - you can buy the powder, you have to mix it with sterile water and get insulin needles and then inject...seems like a major schlep to me...but perhaps that way would have worked more effectively. I don't know. All I know is that, for me, the nasal spray was a bit of a waste of money. Far better to use a tan can, a sunless tan cream or just lie in the sun.

If you're wondering whether this is a safe thing to is a link to a video explaining how it works. It's a natural peptide - it mimmicks the body's own tanning melanin. It seems safe enough...although I don't know what long-term use of such a peptide would do.

Friday, February 19, 2016

A theory on how gym improves cellulite

Okay, this is just a theory, not science, so bear with me, but here is what I think.

I think that the mild inflammation caused by weight training (you know when your muscles are so sore the day or two after? That's inflammation) can actually make you look firmer to a degree. I say this because I noticed this in myself today.

November and December I didn't gym train at all. And every time I went out for a run, I noticed all this cellulite on my legs as I ran. And I don't even have that much fat on my legs, mind you. Some, yes, of course, all women have some fat. But the little I have, on my upper thighs, looked super-cellulitey as I ran.

I have been back in the swing of gym training around a month or so now, and the last two weeks I have hammered my thighs (called quads) quite a lot! And when I went for a run, I noticed my legs were not even half as cellulite-y as they were. In just over a month. Now, it's NOT weight-loss, not even in the least, because I have actually gained about 2 kgs. (I always gain when I weight train, especially initially. If I lose whilst weight training then it's during a time when I am dieting hectically - like in the past, for competitions.) Ok, so weight is up but cellulite is MUCH improved. And I can see on my upper arms that some of my weight gain IS fat, and my waist has gone up 2cm, so the reduction in cellulite appearance has got to be, in my mind, due to increased inflammation. Is it possible that SOME of the weight gain is inflammation too? Is it more fluid that is rushing around the muscles in order to repair them? Who knows?

What I do know for a fact is this: my quads ARE SO SORE today - this is how I know they are inflamed. I can hardly touch them. I could hardly start my run. And I know the cellulite is less obvious because when I run, I often look down and see my thighs - I run in running shorts in the heat. And today, for the first time in three months, I haven't wanted to cover my "old lady" legs up.

What do YOU think? Am I onto something?
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Are Fat People Hungry? How to control your appetite and release your...

This is one of the BEST videos I have ever watched explaining hyperinsulinemia - in plain english, when your body produces too much insulin. This video is by a guy who lost 145 pounds in 14 months through LCHF and intermittent fasting. Very well worth the watch.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lean Gains whilst eating LCHF.

So yesterday I went for a body-stat assessment. I last went in March 2013, can you believe it? Three years ago!

I was pretty nervous because I thought for sure I would have a much higher body-fat percentage now than then...but to my surprise and delight, my body-fat percentage was the same. A lean 15.1%! This surprised me because three years ago, I was competing in bikini competitions and really training hard. Back then I expected my body fat to be low.

This is NOT what I expected this time round. I am eating totally different. I am only just starting to get back into gym training. I am eating FAT, people!!!! I guess, somewhere in the back of my mind, even though I now "know" intellectually that fat doesn't make you fat, I was wondering if, really, it did. Maybe eating fat was making me a thin-fat person?

Not according to these stats. I weighed just over a kg more (good! I was too light last time) and yet, I haven't gained body fat. So according to the dietician, I have picked up LEAN body mass. This is what we are all striving for.

Falan's Nails and Beauty and Sunnies

When I get good service or find something really great, I must share it, even if it IS only with a few readers.

I live in a sleepy, coastal town, where service is slow but I was super impressed with Falan's Nails and Beauty Clinic. I made a booking about a week in advance, and the day before my appointment, I received a reminder whatsapp about my appointment. That is a winner in my book, as we all get busy and sometimes we forget these things.

When I arrived I didn't have to wait long and my gel toe appointment took about half an hour - very speedy! Another win! I am usually put off getting my nails done because it eats up so much time. The young lady who did my colour was very professional and did a great job!

Note the glitter middle toe

I will definitely be back!

I definitely have a "thing" for sunglasses. I have SO many pairs, much to my poor hubby's dismay. I picked up this pair today from MRP Sport. I love this wraparound style as I feel it stays on my nose better than the big owl type ones. I love the aviator style but I feel that all of them look terrible on me, for some reason. Maybe it's to do with the shape of my eyes. But this style, although very "sporty" looking, seems to suit.

Well, this was a girly post. And look, no diet-talk!